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Seller's Need a Real Estate Attorney too!
Many sellers' think that they do not need an attorney in a real estate transaction and just show up to the closing  in-represented.  The fact is  that the closing attorney will charge an un-represented seller a fee for preparing the required seller documents but provides no legal representation



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A skilled Rhode Island Real Estate attorney will assist a seller for a relatively small fee.  Among the many services we provide to a seller include the following:

  • Drafting, Reviewing and Explaining the Purchase & Sales Contract;

  • Drafting Seller Documents for the Closing;

  • Assisting with Clearing any Title Issues;

  • Coordinate the closing with the Buyer, Agents and Closing Attorney;

  • Attend the Closing with the Seller;

  • Review & Explain the Documents at Closing;

  • Ensure that all pro-rations and financial figures are accurate.​

  • Call us today for a free consultation and quote for Rhode Island Real Estate Seller Representation.

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