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We always encourage an in office meeting whenever possible.  However, we understand that we live in a fast paced world and on demand do-it-yourself legal services solution can play an important role for people in obtaining affordable legal documents that they need.

Tomassi Law, LLC offers our Virtual Law Office where you can prepare and obtain legal documents online via your own secure portal.  This is not just another online legal document service.  Our service separates itself from the competition by providing you with Rhode Island specific legal documents that are reviewed by a local Rhode Island attorney in our office.  In addition, we offer additional services such as signing assistance, witness and notary services, telephone, e-mail and Webex consultations.

It's simple.  Click the link below to be brought to our Virtual Law Office.  Select the document you want to prepare and create an account.  Once you have an account created you simply answer the questionnaire for the form(s) you want and your Rhode Island specific legal document is prepared online.  Once you click submit, one of the attorneys in our office will review your legal document to make sure it is complete and legal within 24 hours.  Via your client account portal you can request additional services such as signing assistance, filing assistance, witness and notary services, telephone, e-mail and Webex consultations. 


Create your estate plan with our Will, Trust, Power of Attorneys.  Form a corporation or limited liability company.  Create a contract, By-Laws, Operating Agreements, and Buy-Sell Agreements.  More documents will be added regularly.  If there is a specific document you are looking for let us know.  It is a compete online Virtual Law Office.

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